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OK, you are interested in taking part, here are some useful pointers....

This page will provide you with some useful information for everyone who takes on the challenges. Whether you are a beginner setting out on an intrepid journey or a seasoned adventurer its always useful to share advice and experience from others. 


I have scoured the Internet and used my own experiences to compile this page but I won't claim to be a guru! If there are any additional morsels of wisdom you want to share please drop me an email.

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Pack light! Pack Smart!


All twelve challenges are over a sizeable distance so preparation is essential. Below is a useful checklist for items you need but make sure you don't carry too much you have to carry everything ! Each of these excursions goes near civilisation so you can pause to stock up on supplies if you need to.

Kit list (may differ if with a friend or group):

- Light rucksack with a few pockets

- Drinks bottle, the ones with hand holes are handy, especially if you are a runner. You may want to consider flavoured water as plain can get a bit dull.

- Small unmeltable snack, remember there will be shops enroute to restock. Short energy bursts are a big help!

- Specialised blister plasters. Normal plasters wont cut it!

- Patroleum Jelly.This can prevent or reduce the effect of chaffing

- Sun cream

- Charged mobile phone.

- Music player (maybe your phone). Music can be a great motivator, especially when you are alone.

- Portable power pack. During a challenge your phone's battery may drain more quickly as it may be using GPS tracking, playing music and taking photos. 

Another handy piece of kit but more of a luxury item are wireless headphones. As you are moving about more and accessing  you rucksack from time to time, cabled head phones will get tangled up and be a cause of frustration. 



A great phrase I like to use is; Perfect Planning Promotes Perfect Performance (The 5 P's) and it is very important before, during and after any of these challenges. As well as your personal safety, the enjoyment of taking part is very important, so preparation is vital. 

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- Check the weather forecast. This will determine what clothes to wear. Consider hi-vis if it is gloomy or if you are planning to walk at dusk.

- Review your walk route either by map, this website, or using an app. You may want to upload the walk directions into a smart phone / watch. You can retrieve the walk info from each challenge page.

- Carefully choose the clothing you need. Clothes which are too thick will cause you to sweat. Dressing in layers is key.

- Make sure all electrical items are charged and other people know where and when you are going.

- Break in new footwear before you set out. Brand new shoes can cause blistering

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- Don't set off too fast. You are in this for the long haul! Save your energy.

- Try and keep to the pavements where possible. When there are none walk towards on coming traffic.

- Before a blind bend, try and walk on the wider section which may require you to cross over when safe; this makes you more visible to traffic.

- When it is more dangerous on busy roads, consider taking out your headphones so you can hear approaching traffic

- If you start feeling hot spots on your feet and/or known chaffing spots, react sooner rather than later. Applying a plaster or petroleum gel can stop problems before they get worse.

- Keep hydrated, even if it isn't hot you still sweat.

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- Have a drink and eat something to restore your energy levels. Dehydration can be potentially serious even after you have completed your walk.

- Remove any wet / sweaty clothing as soon as you can as they can cause further discomfort

- Replace any blister plasters you may have used into your kit bag.

- Care for any wet / dirty equipment as soon as you can. Gear can deteriorate very quickly if it remains uncleaned.

- Show your awesomeness!! Let us know how you got on and share your photos and memories.

Handy Links.

How far is it from point a to point b? This website can help. It automatically aligns  your chosen route to known footpaths / roads

Jersey Weather

Get the latest weather updates and rainfall radar from the Government Met Office. You can also receive info about tide times.

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Use this site to create a log of your adventures. You can use it to access step step directions of all the challenges. It also has  live GPS tracking to help you along each of the routes. Signing up is free.

Jersey Heritage

Ever wondered what that strange thing is you walked past? Jersey Heritage provides an extensive archive of information.


A great travel website providing some walking tips for people of all abilities and experience.