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Walk details

Walk Distance: 21.82km

Walk Gain (ups and downs): 220m

Recommend Start/Finish Point: Queen's Valley car park

Jewel in the Crown: Grands Vaux Reservoir.

Other Places of Interest: Victoria Village, Rue de La Dielament War Memorial, Howard Davis Park, Queen's Valley, Rue Saint-Julien

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Part One:  Maufant Explorer.
Queens Valley > Saint Julien > Maufant > Maufant Manor > Victoria Village

After depositing your vehicle in the Queens Valley upper car park, head for the entrance and turn left. Take note of the rather grand granite archway on the opposite side and the large parish boundary stone crafted into the wall along the near side pavement. Cross over the road and join La Rue de la Chouquetterie which heads in a northerly direction following the top end of the valley. When you reach a couple of houses the way splits you need to take the left fork up Rue Saint-Julien. This part of the walk leads you past some fields and a traditional Jersey farmhouse on the right. The lane goes up a slight incline and after you will reach a small crossroads near another small cluster of houses. The road you are looking for here is La Rue de La Bachauderie, make sure you choose the route heading up the hill, a wrong turn here can spit you out near La Hougue Bie and is what I did on my first attempt.


Head on until you see Rue de Neuilly on your left, go along this lane and at the end you will be met by Rue Champ Colin. Bear right here then left into Rue de Sergent. You would have noticed an increase in houses as this road hugs the southern part of Maufant Village and after another right turn you will meet the junction opposite the corner shop of Midland Stores. 


The next part of the walk will be a bit tricky as a large stretch of it is on the busy road between Maufant and Jersey Zoo. Cross over into La Rue de Maufant and for the first section there is a pavement. Unfortunately this soon disappears as you leave the village and the trees close up on either side. For the next 1 1/2km you will carefully head north, around a series of bends and finally a long granite wall will appear on your left. This is marks your salvation from the busy road as you can soon head left down La Piece Mauger. This marks the most northerly part of the parish boundary walk and mercifully the roads after this point are much quieter.


When you can, head right around the fields onto Rue de Dielament and a few sharp turns will lead you past the entrance to the riding stables. Eventually you will go past a war memorial on the left and you reach a t junction with a large granite farmhouse and honesty box selling Jersey Potatoes.... yummy! Turn right here on to Rue de La Guilleumerie and after about 1/2 a km the number of buildings increase as you enter Victoria Village. Head on through the area and keep to this route, the large house of Oakland’s Manor will be on your left . As you go by some rather grand trees the road begins to descend steeply into Grands Vaux, can be a bit tricky on the knees so take your time.

Part Two: The Townside Trail.
Grands Vaux > Springfield Stadium > Claremont Road > Howard Davis Park > Le Dicq > Rue des Pres.

The upper part of the valley is a picturesque section as you follow the road down towards the dam and primary school. If you are not in a rush to complete the walk it is a great place to stop and enjoy the countryside. With the school behind you the road gets busier and the landscape becomes increasingly urbanized. Take care during the first bit as there are no pavements with a few bends where the traffic may appear very quickly. Walk on by the housing estates on the left and the road will then make its way past a small shopping arcade and a series of flats at Troy Court.


Press on by the dome of the tennis club and cross over onto Le Geyt Road. The next short section is a pedestrian only walkway through the housing estate and the old St Marks school appears on your left. Keep going past the convenience store and you will reach the St Helier ring road. Springfield Stadium now dominates the area and you need to head past here and down Janvrin Road towards the large complex of buildings of the former Le Masurier brewery. There is now a small road between the houses of Westley Court that gives you access to St Saviour’s Road and Wellington Hill, which is where we are going next. Climb up the hill past the unique building of St Mary’s and St Peter’s Church and De Le Salle College, you eventually reach the top as the road bends round to the right. When you get chance, you need to take a right onto Bagatelle Lane and then the end cross over Bagatelle Road in front of the Tudor Lodge. The road you now find yourself on is Claremont Road, which goes behind JCG and runs by the college field and sports pavilion on your right. Just after you pass the parish boundary sign on white fence you will see a Fountain Lane going down to the left. Follow this increasingly steep route downhill, making sure you take in the panorama in front of you.


The road eventually levels out near some houses and you need to take a right here up Belevedere Hill. After catching your breath, you will pass between the Merton Hotel and it’s aquadome and head down the slope towards the large granite wall in the distance. The wall forms the perimeter of Howard Davis Park and you will find the entrance a little further down. Cross the well-kept lawns and head to St Luke’s Church where the park’s south entrance can be found. Now cross the busy La Route du Fort and head right for a short while and at the traffic lights bear left down St Clements Road. After a series of bends, you will come across a mini roundabout and the White Horse pub. This area, known as Le Dicq, is the only part of coastline St Saviour has and won’t take you very long to traverse. Indeed, after only a short period of time you will head left on to Green Road behind a rather nautical looking building called Les Mouettes. Stroll down the street and just before you reach the end you can nip left between the houses and after 200 meters or so you will be walking by the Iceland supermarket and The New Era building. Take a right here and head onto Plat Douet Road, when the road forks go along the right one and you will go past the large Waitrose supermarket on your left and the scout hall on your right. After a short while you can take a right down a narrow access way and you will be on the Rue Des Pres trading estate near the post office headquarters. Wonder down the maze of roads and eventually you will meet a wider avenue which links the estate to Longueville Road. Bear right now for a bit as the road begins to go up hill and look for the steep hill of Mont es Neaux.

Part Three:  Valley’s End.
Mont es Neaux > Rue du Tapon > Le Boulivot> Le Catillon > La Rue de La Sente > Queens Valley Reservoir.

You will now leave the urban jungle behind as you pull yourself up the steep hill. Your brief push will be rewarded with fantastic views across town towards Fort Regent and the lowlands of St Clement. After tearing yourself away from the view keep heading along the lane, past the riding stables and orchard on your left. The road ends down a short but steep hill and you join Rue du Tapon. I admit the next part of walk isn’t as close to the parish boundary as you can get but I don’t find Princes Tower Road and the other surrounding busy roads as interesting. About half way down the fore mentioned Rue du Tapon you will see Le Bolivot de Bas on the right. Head along here and take a left onto Vieille Rue, follow the route and hang a right as a small car park appears on the left. Bear left at the T-junction in front of you to join Boulivot de Haut. Keep going and you will arrive at a cluster of houses collectively known as Le Boulivot, I advise caution here as even though the roads are narrow, it is a commonly used thoroughfare between Five Oaks and Grouville Arsenal. Head left at your first opportunity past the remaining farmhouse and onto La Rue de La Parade. The road leads in a northley direction for about 1/2 a km and you then take a right onto the narrow concrete road of La Petite Rue du Nord.


When you reach the next crossroads head over to the road opposite, La Hougue. This  route is quite a unique one as it goes passed some humongous trees on the right and a rather Kansas looking white picket fence and riding stables . Hopefully you will find the next road of Le Catillon without the use of an Oz transporting tornado and turn right down it. This road heads left around a large field and past a collection of small houses on the right, you need to then bear left on to La Rue du Carrefour au Clercq. After a brief hike down here hang a right on La Rue de La Sente, depending on the time of year the sign may be obscured by the grass verge but it is the only obvious turning to the right. Keep pressing on down this road and it will turn into a narrower footpath with a Jersey Waterworks sign visible. This track gets quite steep near the end so watch your step will see a wooden fence in front of you. This then joins the Queens Valley orbital walk and you need to head left and walk around the reservoir in an clockwise direction. If you want you can nip over the mid-reservoir dam to the other side and continue on the far side of the valley but it isn’t much shorter than the route your are on. Whatever route you chose to take will eventually lead you to the car park and the end of this walk.