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Walk details

Walk Distance: 18.29km

Walk Gain (ups and downs): 250m

Recommend Start/Finish Point: Long Beach car park

Jewel in the Crown: Mont Orguiel Castle.

Other Places of Interest: Le Dolmen de Couperon, Rue Saint-Julien, Jersey Zoo, Rozel, St Catherine's, Archirondel, Anne Port, Jeffrey's Leap. 

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Part One:  Two Village Voyager.
Gorey Village > La Chevre Rue > Rue Saint-Julien >
La Rue de Bauchauderie > Maufant > Zoo

Your trek begins just outside the parish at Long beach car park, I chose this spot as it is conveniently close to a few cafes where you can refuel at the end. Walk first ... food later .... so with this in mind, join the main road and walk towards Mont Orgueil Castle. Go past the Dunnell’s wine shop and take a left down New Road in to the centre of the village. The main village road now crosses in front and you need to turn right and continue down the street until you reach a fork in the road. Bear left here along La Chèvre Rue, which cuts behind the houses and leaves the village behind. Now the hard slog of a hill begins on the right, persevere as it is a relatively short climb and you will soon reach the top. You will now be joined by a narrow road coming in from the left but continue going until you see Le Passage de Hopital, again on your left. This narrow track will cut between the fields and lead you to an old granite building. Hang a right here and onto Rue d’Aval. Head left here, passed the entrance to Queens Valley Reservoir, a granite archway and then right into La Rue de Chouquetterie. 


After only a short distance you need to head left up the very picturesque route of Rue St Julien. This lane follows the valley up past some gorgeous meadows and a large farmhouse on the right. Keep going as the road goes the left and you will come to a small crossroads and La Rue de Bauchauderie. Make sure you head right uphill here and past a cluster of houses, continuing along the lane for about 1/2 a km passing by a large white house. Head on past the turning for Rue Champ Colin and eventually the route  veers to the left between the large housing estate and some greenhouses. It will ultimately  join the main road coming up from Five Oaks , Le Grande Route de St Martin.


Bear right here and head up the busy route for a short while and then cross over the road in front of the St Martin’s sign into La Rue du Hucquet. You will follow this route north for about 3/4 of a kilometre and as you reach the end of this road you will be able to see across the fields towards St Martin's School and the parish church over to your right. However we are now heading left along La Rue de Maitrerie so steal yourself as this road is  potentially dangerous with no pavements . Upon reaching the end you will meet La Route de Maufant, another scary part with no pavements, turn right and after a short period dive into the La Piece Mauger on the left.  Now turn right and you will go past a group of warehouses (formally the Durrell Charity shop) on your right and after going by La Rue de Fosse, the perimeter fencing of Jersey Zoo will come into view. Continue by the fence, getting a glimpse of the Gorilla enclosure and you will meet the main road again in front of you. Cross over by the large signpost and join La Rue du Pot du Rue Rocher.

You can now relax a little with the busy roads a distant memory as you trek along Rue des Cotes de Nord. You will get a glimpse of the magnificent north coast as you go by Rue de Bequet, however stay on the road you are on and follow the bend round to the right. After another 5 minutes or so you will regain the sea views over to your left as the trail goes by some fields and a line of trees. The next point of interest is the former La Tourelle Hotel which has now been converted into apartments . The road continues on until it becomes Mont de Rozel and begins to descend into Rozel Bay. 


This is a rather interesting section as the land drops away into the valley and you have great views across to the woods beyond. At the bottom of the hill your route will go to the right but feel free to spend some time enjoying this beautiful beach and pier side cafe. The road then goes to the left of the Rozel pub and begins climbing up the hill. Take time to pause and look behind you to the bay behind as the view is quite a special one. Keep hauling yourself upwards, leaving the bay behind and look for a gravel trackway of La Rue Les Fontonelles on your left. The trackway begins to head steeply downwards and snakes through the woods and across a small stream. Eventually the path will end and join a small tarmac road but before you leave the area, take a look over to the left. You will see a small 17th century guardhouse and a collection of stones. These stones form the Neolithic Stone Age monument of Dolmen de Le Couperon, an amazing place to stop and take in the atmosphere. 


Another steep climb awaits now I’m afraid as you head right on a tree covered route up the hill. As you emerge from the trees stay on the road, round a right angled bend and when you arrive at a crossroads turn left into La Rue de La Perruque. Press on and you will start to go down again into Fliquet bay. Another picturesque scene awaits here as you travel down towards the sea. The road narrows and squeezes by a large granite house on the right and an amazing arched terrace on the left, I can only imagine the amazing views the owners have sitting here. Follow the road downwards towards a Martello tower by the beach and you will see the breakwater of St Catherine’s in the distance.

The road begins to climb again but about halfway up there is a trackway which you need to take. This path runs parallel with the sea, through woodland and then heads downwards towards Route de Ste Catherine, which will join you from behind and the right. Keep heading for the breakwater and follow the sea wall around towards the canoe club. After a short distance you rejoin the main road heading south. Now look for a narrow opening on the left which leads down some steps onto the sea wall. The route then takes you via Belval Cove around the cliffs to a slipway, the adjoining lifeboat station and Martello tower. You will see the wide hoggin pathway heading towards a small headland. Go along this and keep following the route, keeping the main road on your right. This part of the walk from the Lifeboat Station is truly a highlight as you hug the coastline and eventually head towards the red and white tower of Archirondel . 


Upon reaching the slip way, head along it and up the slope to the right and you will now find yourself on the coastal road of Grande Route de la Cote. As you go round the sweeping bend a trackway appears on your left, this will make the going easier as you pass by some apartments on your right. Another couple of uphill bends await and the small rocky bay of Anne Port lies below you. Head along through and the road begins to ascend steeply to the left towards the rocky outcrop of Jeffrey’s Leap. This landmark was made famous by the folk lore tale about a criminal who was thrown off the cliff. To the amusement and delight of the crowd, he survived the fall, only to be killed on the 2nd attempt.... must be a moral here somewhere. With good old Jeff in your memory, continue upwards around the right bend and you will see St Martin’s crown jewel on the skyline, Mont Orgueil Castle. This truly majestic structure is a symbol of Jersey and appears on many a souvenir and postcard. Our route now heads over the castle green and plunges down behind some houses, towards the harbour below. Take time to take in the castle and surrounding area before crossing over the mini roundabout and right on to the promenade . The final stretch of this walk is a leisurely stroll along sea front, past the cafe (if you can) and back to the start point at Long Beach car park. 

Part Two: The Great North East
Rue des Cotes de Nord > Rozel > Le Dolmen du Couperon > Fliquet

Part Three:  Eastern Coastal Traverse
St Catherine’s > Gibraltar (Lifeboat Station) > Archirondel > Anne Port > Mont Orgueil Castle