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Walk details

Walk Distance: 16.31km

Walk Gain (ups and downs): 139m

Recommend Start/Finish Point: Goose Green Marsh Car Park.

Jewel in the Crown: Le Moulin de Quétivel and lower St Peter's Valley walk

Other Places of Interest: Le Moulin de Tesson, St Matthieu RC Church,

La Rue du Douet de Rue, Handois, Millbrook Reservoir, St Aubin's Bay

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Part One:  The Perquage Passage.
Perquage Path > Sandybrook > Lower St Peter's Valley > Rue de L'Aleval > St Matthieu

This walk technically begins in St Peter at the car park behind The Goose on the Green Pub ... don’t forget to pay for parking if you need to . With the pub on your right, follow the road very briefly until you see a small path leading towards the trees. After a short while you will see a larger footpath in front of you, this is in fact the Perquage Path coming down from St Lawrence church. Turn left and head away from the sea up this route towards Sandybrook and Paperclix. There are some interesting drainage structures here which certainly can catch the attention of many a walker as they go past.


When you reach the road in front of Paperclix, bear left across the road and join Rue de Moulin de Tesson. As this road suggests, it eventually reaches Le Moulin de Tesson and to the left there is a signposted path leading steeply upwards. Take this rather picturesque route that leads behind the mill, through some woods and eventually you will arrive at the car park next to Midvale Apartments. Pass in front of the building across Le Mont Fallu and enter the next section of the valley walk outside Le Moulin de Quétivel. This wide path is often shared with cyclists so please take extra care as you go along it towards The Queen Victoria Pub. You will have to leave the pathway and head right across the wooden bridge onto the main road for the last bit, mercifully there is a narrow pavement you can use.


The next road you need is the wide route called Le Route de L’Aleval which heads up past some rather intriguing mine workings on either sides of the road. Eventually you will leave the woods behind and at the top of the hill head right along Le Pissot. When this road reaches the end, take a left here along Rue de La Ville au Bas and the Roman Catholic Church of St Matthieu will appear in front of you .

This small area marks the convergence of three parishes, so will soon be a familiar location to people taking on multiple boundary walking challenges. On this walk you need to find La Longue Rue and head along it until you arrive at the small collection of houses known as Six Roads..and yes there are six I counted them! Cross over La Verte Rue and begin walking up Les Chanolles des Six Rues. This part of the walk will require great care as unfortunately there are no pavements and there are sections that may require you to cross over so cars can see you. 


Keep going round to the left in front of the former Tamba Park site and the road becomes La Rue de La Frontiere as its passes into to St Mary. This route begins to head downhill again so be careful of passing vehicles as they may not see you straight away. Whilst trekking down this road keep an eye out on the right for Rue de La Prairie as this is where we are heading next. Strolling down this route is a welcome break from the busy roads behind you and at certain times of the year you will be rewarded with scenic views across walled gardens and flowering hedgerows. You will eventually reach a T-junction with a granite wall in front of you and a cycle way post on your left. You need to head right down Rue du Douet de Rue (my favorite corner of this walk) past a lovely traditional Jersey house, complete with a cider-press and then hang a left onto Rue de la Golarde. This route leads you to La Grande Route de Saint-Laurent which is another scary main road. Luckily there are only a couple of bends for you to contend with before the pavement starts near the riding stables. 


Continue along the road past a complex of warehouses and turn right along La Rue de la Scelleterie. This route runs next to the Fencing Centre on the right and some traditional buildings on the left before descending into the Handois reservoir valley. Plod on up the hill until you see a house in front of you and La Rue du Bel-au-Vent on your right.

This part of the route is rather exposed in places on windy days but does offer unrestricted views across the fields towards Sion to the east and St Lawrence parish hall and church to the west. Before you reach that, the road leads by a few houses, a traditional signpost and an honesty box which often has a great stock of produce and is a focal point of passing walkers and cyclists. For you sports fans, further down this road are the establishments of Carrefour Pétanque Club and Le Couvent , the home of Rozel Rovers Football Club.... Perhaps the founders of the club got lost on their way back to St Martin? With the confusion of Rozel behind you, the walk continues south and the road gets slightly wider and busier. 


The next goal on the agenda is Waterworks Valley and Millbrook reservoir. This is reached by turning right onto Ruelle de Saint-Clair when you reach the cross roads marked by a few trees and houses. Here you have a choice, you can walk down the steep tarmac road or the more picturesque track through the woods. If you choose the later, make sure you bear left after you descend into the valley, down the steps and through a rather interesting thicket of bamboo. Whatever route you choose you will arrive at the northern edge of Millbrook reservoir. The road then hugs the western edge of the reservoir passing some interesting rock formations (if you interested in that sort of thing). Ultimately Waterworks Valley comes to an end when you reach a cluster of houses on the right and the Hire Shop on the left. 


Cross over the main road using the lights and head towards Benest supermarket. Join La Rue du Galet and head towards the Old Station Cafe on the seafront. From here you can either head across the beach or continue along the promenade towards Bel Royal and Beaumont. Finally cross over the road at the pedestrian lights and back onto the Perquage Path and you have completed the St Lawrence Loop.

Part Two: The Cross Parish Trek
Six Rues> Rue de La Prairie> Le Douet de Rue > Handois Reservoir.

Part Three:  North to South
St Cyr - Le Couvent - Waterworks Valley - Millbrook - Beaumont