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Walk details

Walk Distance: 17.71km

Walk Gain (ups and downs): 196.3m

Recommend Start/Finish Point: Castle Quay Apartments

Jewel in the Crown: Waterfront and Harbour.

Other Places of Interest: Ariadne Steam Clock, Havre de Pas Lido, Howard Davis Park, Les Ruisseaux, Rue du Vieux Moulin, Waterworks Valley.

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Part One:  The Portside Stroll.
Castle Quay > Albert Pier > La Collette > Harve de Pas

The beginning of this walk may vary slightly depending on where you deposit your car but this guide starts opposite Castle Quay apartments. The first thing you need to do is head over the waterfront car park towards the flag poles adjacent to Customs House. Go in front of the building, follow the road onto to the Albert Pier and try and resist the yummy aromas from the Lifeboat Station cafe ... One of my favorites :-) From here look towards town and walk around the harbour and you will come to Ariadne Steam clock. Keep going past the canary colored Commercial Buildings until you come across a brightly painted former US Army tug boat called The Dazzel Ship. This rather unique vessel was painted by local artists as part of the World War One Commemorations . The path now doubles up as a cycleway over the newly constructed wooden walkways so be careful as you pass by the old Folie Inn and you will now see the gas cylinders and the chimney of La Collette Power station.


Cross over the road and follow the signs to the recycling park but keep to the foot path as the road veers around to the right. You will now pass through a narrow thoroughfare between the original power station and ginormous monolith of the waste to energy plant. High on your left you will see the La Collette Barracks and Tower which is home to the Jersey Field Squadron and Army Cadet Force. As you keep walking the rewarding panorama of Harve des Pas, Grève d’Azette and La Motte (Green Island) will come into view. You will now join the promenade leading past a mixture of new luxury apartments, traditional Victorian townhouses and the hotels of Fort d’Auvergne and Omaroo. Going past here the most prominent landmark deserves a mention . The Harve de Pas swimming pool and lido is one of the crown jewels in Jersey and has been a main focal point for tourists and locals alike since The 1800s. As you go past the previously mentioned Omaroo Hotel, bear left and head up St Clements Road; a notable mention here is the old railway building on Nelson Avenue.

You will eventually meet the main road of La Route du Fort; mercifully the passage across this rather scary road is aided by pedestrian lights. You want to continue up St Clements road and the wall of Howard Davis Park on your right. At the end of this road cross over at the lights, go past the rather grand entrance of the park and right into Don Road. About half-way down you are looking for Summerville Lane but don’t worry if you miss it as James Road is the adjacent street and you can take this one instead. You will now see the La Roserie housing estate ahead so turn right and head uphill along Mont Pinel. After a couple of winding bends, bear left and the route narrows with a rather interesting house protruding into the road. After a 100 meters or so you will join Mont Millais and this will lead you past the neo-gothic buildings of Victoria College on your left and College House / Jersey College for Girls on your right. Keep a look out for the granite parish boundary sign near the school playing fields. Shortly after this you need to take the left turn down Bagatelle Road, which has recently had a pedestrian walkway installed that makes it a bit safer. Now you will find yourself on Wellington Road (or “Wellie Hill” as the locals call it). Head downhill, going by the Roman Catholic school of De La Salle College and the Church of St Mary’s and St Peter’s. You are now looking for a short narrow walkway called Water Lane that will give you access to the large building adjoining La Rue de Le Masurier . As a way finder, you will see two parish boundary markers on the left and on the right, the latter of which forms the corner of Janvrin Road and the route you need to take. Go along here, taking care of the often busy St Marks Road and it would be easier to be on the right side of the road as you walk by Springfield Stadium.


You will now see Roberts Garage in front of you and finding the way ahead can be tricky if you don’t know it, I ended up doing a detour on my first boundary walk. Firstly, cross over another busy route, potentially a hazardous venture as it forms part of the town ring road and turn right. After a short distance bear left onto Le Geyt Road and head along here, past the convenience store on your right. Now you need to join the pedestrian only route that takes you between the housing estate and the Bridge (St Mark’s School in old money) this will eventually lead you into Grands Vaux. Next look for the dome of the Ceasarean tennis club and continue right along the pavement, past Troy Court flats and the small shopping parade. Press on by the estates of Wilkes Gardens, Sutton Court, and Nicholson Close. The pavement will then disappear unfortunately so you will need to be careful for the next stretch. After a few twists and turns you will leave the urbanized part of the walk and head up the hill

This rather picturesque road called Les Russiaux ascends steeply and is a huge difference to the first sections of the walk. Upon completion of this climb you will be rewarded with views across the steep valley and if you are lucky you may be greeted by a herd of cows who often graze in the field. Continue “mooving” along the road and you will see the granite wall of Oaklands Farm. Head right into Beechfield Lane and this road becomes flanked with large trees you will also get a few glimpses of the rear of Oakland’s Manor. Cross over the main road of La Route de La Trinité and turn right in front of the Francis Cook Gallery. You are now heading north but you soon need to hang a left onto La Rue de La Garenne and past a row of whitewashed stone buildings. Stroll along this road as it goes around a bend and you will see a few houses in the distance. Before you reach them a lane meets you from the left and this is your route you need to take. The short section is my favorite part of the walk as you tread by a large gatehouse and then right into a valley. As the path descends downhill be sure to appreciate the beautiful Swiss looking house on the right and some rather grand pine trees at the valley bottom. You now need to brace yourself for a short steep climb to the right as the route heads out of the valley. After this rather tiring pull; bear left along Rue des Arbres and you will meet La Grande Route de St Jean, just south east of the Union Inn.


Your next goal is a short stroll towards the outskirts of Sion Village and just before you reach it there will be a turning towards Surville Cemetery. Take this and the road runs by a field of allotments and then the parish cemetery. Your route then plunges down into a valley and eventually the road heads upwards again and meets Le Mont Cochon. Head south here (or turn left ) and travel along this route for about half a mile, taking time to gaze across the fields to St Lawrence Parish Hall and Church to the west and from whence you came to the east. You have now reached an area of a few houses known as St Clair and you need to head right and start your journey into Waterworks Valley. Your route will become increasingly more steep as you pass by a few houses and around a hairpin bend. After your already long trek this can cause strain to your knees but you will eventually reach the valley floor and the north edge of Millbrook Reservoir. Another delightful part of the walk awaits you here as you go by the reservoir, for you geologists out there keep an eye out for the amazing rock formations as the road curves around them. The number of houses increase as you come to the end of the valley and you need to head right towards Benest’s as you meet main road . Once you have walked past the supermarket hang a left onto La Rue de Galet and you will see the Old Station Café in front of you. After crossing Victoria Avenue join the St Aubins Bay promenade and start heading back towards town. Finally go through Les Jardins de La Mer and past La Frigate Cafe. The Freedom Tree and Elizabeth Marina will then come into view and this marks the end of the St Helier Halo parish boundary walk. An additional extra you may want to take in is the rather intriguing sculpture named The Wing which is located between Millais House and Le Capelain House at Castle Quay. 

Part Two: The Urban Centre.
Howard Davis Park > Mont Millais > Springfield > Grands Vaux

Part Three:  The Rural Surprise.
Les Augres > Surville Cemetery > Waterworks Valley > St Aubins Bay > Elizabeth Marina