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Walk details

Walk Distance: 11.67km

Walk Gain (ups and downs): 78m

Recommend Start/Finish Point: St Clement Parish Hall car park

Jewel in the Crown: Le Hocq.

Other Places of Interest:  Le Dolmen du Mont Ubé, Green Island (La Motte), La Croix de la Bataille, Greve d'Azette Lighthouse.

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Part One:  Eastern Delights.
Le Hocq > Le Bourg > Rue des Nouettes > La Croix de La Bataille >  Dolmen de Mont Ubé 

The shortest walk of the 12 Parish Challenge begins at La Hocq in the parish hall car park. Cross over the coastal road towards the Martello tower and turn left. You will now join a new walkway which shields you from the busy route going passed the Le Hocq Pub . Rejoin the road as you climb the hill and it rolls down the other side to a cluster of houses and shops at Pontac. Continue by the coop on your right into an area known Le Bourg.


After another 5 minutes of walking you will see a welcome to Grouville sign ahead, this is where you leave the coast road behind with a left turn onto Rue de la Lourderie . This is where the scenery changes as you leave the costal strip. As you reach a cross roads, bear left into the country lane of Rue des Nouettes and up to some rather interesting farm houses. The way then goes round to the right, past a complex of greenhouses and over the faster A-road of La Grand Route de Saint-Clément. The heading is now upwards along Rue Crevecoeur as you steeply climb to the hill top. After being joint on the left by Ruelle des Tours ( an alternative route up the hill if you wish) you will see a converted windmill on the right. Head on past here, making sure to pause to admire the view across Grouville Bay to Mont Orgueil on the skyline. Soon you will come across a clump of trees and the small concrete cross of La Croix de La Bataille, which was the site of a skirmish between the Jersey militia and a Franco/Spanish army.


From here, take sharp left onto Rue au Blancq that leads past the large housing estate of Clos du Roncier and then sweeps round to the right. Continue on, passing the entrance of Rue des Pignons on the left and then the trees come up to meet the road as the route begins to descend . As you go by Belle Fleur Nursery on the right there will be an entrance to a field with a marked signpost. Take this pathway and it runs along the field as the road continues it's way down the hillside. Through the gap in the hedge you will see the unusual hexagonal folly of Nicolle tower on the right. Head towards it and the marked footpath will go behind and reach one of St Clement’s gems. Hidden away on your left in what appears to be someone’s back garden is the Dolmen du Mont Ubé. This structure is thought to be over 6,000 years old and has undergone significant wear and tear over the years since its excavation in 1848. For more info about this head along to the Jersey Heritage website. Once you have had a look round rejoin the footpath and it heads into the woods.

The way ahead drops down the steps and joins the narrow road of La Blinerie. This part of the walk is a lovely section, going past water meadows and giving previously well known areas a fresh perspective. Head right along here and the road will curve around to the left and begins to make it way the golf course. Be careful of flying golf balls as you will be right next to the fairways. The club house and tennis courts will soon appear on your left as the lane ends at the busy junction of Plat Douet Road. Cross over and head left as the road heads towards a set of traffic lights and the sea in the distance. After a short time you will see Ryburn Avenue going off to the right. Walk down this and nip left through the houses onto Green Road.


Hang a right here and go towards the small shops in the distance. Don’t follow the road around to the left but continue on down St Luke’s Crescent that snakes around the houses and after becoming Beach Crescent it ends on Beach Road. Now you turn towards the sea back onto the main coast road. In front of the line of apartments buildings turn left and begin the hike towards Greve d’Azette. After about 1/2 a km you will be joined by Plat Douet Road from the left and the sea views across to Green Island will appear in front of you. The next prominent landmark you will reach is the 20 metre high Greve d’Azette lighthouse at Samares. Keep going and an elongated car park will mark the end of this coastal stretch as you follow the road as it curves inland. Press on past the turning for Green Island beach and the route continues for about another kilometre until you return to the start point at Le Hocq.

Part Two: The West End.
La Blinerie > St Clements Golf Club > Green Road > Greve d'Azette> Green Island> Le Hocq