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Walk details   
This walk features one of the listening posts from ArtHouse Jersey's Roaming Soundtrack.

Walk Distance: 7.3km

Walk Gain (ups and downs): 99.6m

Recommend Start/Finish Point: Longbeach Car Park.

Listening Post:  La Pouquelaye de Faldouet (Faldouet Dolmen)

Other Places of Interest: Queen's Valley Reservoir, Victoria Tower, Le Saut Geffroy (Jeffrey's Leap), Mont Orgueil Castle, Gorey Harbour


Walk Route

Rue Horman (Gorey Village) > Le Chemin des Maltières > La Rue des Teurs Champs > Queen's Valley East > Rue d'Aval > Rue de la Pouclée et des Quatre Chemins > JAAC Hostel > Faldouet Dolmen  > Victoria Tower > Jeffrey's Leap > Mont Orgueil Castle > Gorey Promenade

This walk begins in the Longbeach carpark and your first challenge is not to be seduced by the ice cream van which you need to walk right past. Cross over the main road using the traffic island and turn left along the paved cycle way. Keep going until you see the road heading into the village in the distance, you can cut the corner here by heading for a small clump of trees and looking for Rue Horman which goes by a large yellow house and heads up hill around the edge of the village. At the end of this road hang a left along Le Chemin des Maltières, this winding route goes behind the housing estates and past a series of allotments on the right hand side off the road

After a short while you will leave the village behind and as you go round a couple of bends the views open out to your left across the fields to Grouville Church in background. Press on along this road, keeping alert for traffic  and after about 1/2 km the road will fork and you need to start heading up the hill marked by a green lane sign post. Mercifully this climb isn't a long one and look for a gate on your left, this marks the southerly entrance  to Queens Valley Reservoir. After only a few short paces the dam will come into view and you will be treated to views over the water. You now need to head right joining the path that hugs the easterly edge of the valley, twisting and turning through the woodland and past the central dam. Eventually you will arrive at the car park and bear right on to Rue d'Aval. 


Unfortunately this part of the walk can be a potentially dangerous part as there are no pavements and cars can appear rather quickly from both directions.I recommend keeping to the right side here as the bends generally left handers and cars will be able see you better ... just watch out for the buses! Mercifully this isn't a very long stretch and you will need to turn right between the cottages onto La Ruette de Faldouet. You will now see a cross roads in front of you which you need to take the road directly opposite you, be careful of the busy route crossing your path here as this is the main link road between St Martin's Village and Gorey. You can now relax a bit as the next series of roads arent quite as busy and you will be treated to the amazing vista of the Royal Bay of Grouville to right  with La Rocque and Seymour Tower on the skyline. Another point of interest is the rather imposing 19th century building of Haut De La Garenne, now rebranded as the Jersey Accommodation and Activity Centre (JAAC). You will notice the road bends sharply round to the left and you need to continue heading around  and back on yourself for about 300 metres as you are looking for a stepped footpath on the left towards  Faldouet Dolmen (or La Pouquelaye de Faldouet to use it's Sunday best name).

Here you will find the location of an ArtHouse Jersey Roaming Soundtrack Listening Post. Please take the time to scan the QR code or visit and listen to the music composed by Andrea Belfi. I also recommend taking some time to wonder around the stones of the Neolithic Dolmen and soak up the truly unique atmosphere.  For more information about this 4,000 year old site visit the Jersey Heritage website. When you wish to move on, head right back out along the road you came along  to the sharp right bend and take the immediate road to your left (Le Mont Mallet). There is a large house with a large gateway on your left if you can't find your way. The tarmac road will eventually turn into a gravel trackway and leads to a small car park. Be sure to check out the stunning view of Mont Orgueil Castle on your right, a great place for a photo or two.


As you approach the car park you will notice a pudding bowl shaped tower to your left, this is Victoria Tower. Built in 1837, a month after Queen Victoria's coronation, it was the last of the Martello Towers to be constructed as part of Jersey's defence against French invaders. Head towards the tower, around to the right and the path leads now to the left and starts to steeply descend towards Anneport and the coast road. Once at the bottom turn right, passing Jeffery's Leap on your left and continue along as the route slowly ascends towards the final part of our walk. You will now be presented with another amazing view of Mont Orgueil Castle towards the less familiar but still formidable Northern walls. Cross over the castle green and down a steeply descending and often slippy brick walkway, there is a handrail if you need it, don't be ashamed to use it if you need to... I did! At the bottom head towards the promenade in front of you, do take time to have a nosey around the harbour if you want as it is a lovely place to be. The last stretch is a short stroll along the promenade back to the car park and the end of the walk.