Your recovery, you can do this!

Managing chronic pain is never easy, there are times when you may think you will never get better and all your hope seems to fade away. You are not alone! Many people of all ages and from all walks of life suffer from pain-related conditions during their lifetimes and this challenge has been created to help people start on their road to recovery or managing their chronic pain and can be done at any pace.


This has been set up in partnership with Pain Support Jersey, a small local charity that helps people who suffer from persistent pain and runs gentle exercise and mindfulness sessions, educational talks, social events and walks.


To help with your recovery, this challenge has been split into four parts of increasing length so you can track your progress. However it is important to note that everyone is different with different levels of fitness so don't feel disheartened if it is taking longer than you want.


It is important to consult your GP / physiotherapist before taking on any new exercise regimes which includes this challenge.


All the stages of this challenge start and finish opposite the public toilets at Long Beach car park. There is also a good collection of cafes nearby so you can treat yourself after you achieve what you want to for the day... Oh don't forget there is an ice cream van too!!!  

Stage One. Walk Distance: 0.3km (per lap)
Route de Douet > Beach Road

Stage Two. Walk Distance: 0.6km (per lap)
Route de Douet > Beach Road> Union Road > La Rue a la Don

Stage Three. Walk Distance: 1.2km (per lap)
Route de Douet > Beach Road> Union Road > Gouray Village Main Road> La Rue a la Don

Stage Four. Walk Distance: 1.64km (per lap)
Route de Douet > Beach Road> Union Road > Gouray Village Main Road> La Rue a la Don