Immerse yourself.

Not too keen on walking? Or just fancy a different type of challenge?

The AquaNova Trials are swimming challenges  for everyone but ideal for young people, either with families and / or their friends.


Whether a seasoned swimmer or starting out these trials will be enjoyable and testing for all! 

So Scroll down and have a look at the trials you can take on.

Phoenix Power Quest


•A series of 9 challenges to test swimming ability.

• Increases in difficulty the higher the power.

• Each power must be taken in order, all must achieve Phoenix Gypsum before moving on to Phoenix Amber and so on.

• Each power will test swim speed, technique and stamina. 

• Swimmers who find the Powers challenges a bit much can take the Phoenix Flame Challenge first. This is not a requirement , swimmers can go straight to the Phoenix Gypsum challenge if they wish.

• If a swimmer is successful they will receive a special certificate and a badge on their member's profile.

• Swimmers attempting to obtain a power must be assessed by a parent / carer, an over 18 year old friend or a Phoenix-A1 administrator and must be in a proper swimming pool  with a minimum length of 25 metres.

Marintaineer Challenge


•    This is team challenge with a maximum of four people of any age.

•    The team will chose a mountain they want to take on.

•    For example, if the task chosen is the 4,810m high Mont Blanc swim, the team of swimmers will need to complete a total of  193 laps of a 25 metre pool in as few sessions as they can.

•    It is the combined laps count from all the team that goes towards the total. Ideally members will share the load equally.

•    The difficulty of a challenges will be split into terrains.

•    Upon completion the team will receive certificates proving their achievements.

Terrain One


Scafell Pike

978 metres = 40 lengths

Terrain Two


Mount St Helens

2,550 metres = 102 lengths

Terrain Three



6,052  metres= 243 lengths