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Welcome to Phoenix-A1.

Introducing the 12 Parish Boundary Challenge

Ever wondered how each of the Jersey parishes differ from each other?


Ever been curious where one parish ends and another begins?


Or do you just like exploring places you have never been to before? Then this is the challenge for you.


Walk, run or cycle* all 12 routes at your leisure or for the more competitive, time yourself against others....  Just remember using cars or other motorised transport is cheating!!!

One last thing, please consider donating to our charity partners when taking on any of your adventures! Im sure all of them would be grateful for your support.

* For safety and preserving the environment, the cycle routes may be modified on the coastal routes.

Grouville Grind (82).jpg

Grouville Grind

Walk Distance: 15.43km

Walk Gain: 162.1m

Crown Jewel: La Rocque Harbour

St Helier Halo (03).jpg

Shelter Trust
St Helier Halo

Walk Distance: 17.71km

Walk Gain: 196.3m

Crown Jewel: Waterfront and Harbour

St Martin Meander (125).jpg

Love Hearts

St Martin Meander

Walk Distance: 18.29km

Walk Gain: 250m

Crown Jewel: Mont Orgueil Castle

St Peter Peripheral (42).jpg

St Peter Peripheral

Walk Distance: 27.27km

Walk Gain: 244.6m

Crown Jewel: Val de La Mar Reservoir

St Brelade Blast107.jpg

St Brelade Blast

Walk Distance: 23.77km

Walk Gain: 383m

Crown Jewel: La Corbière

St John Journey (23).jpg

St John Journey

Walk Distance: 20.69km

Walk Gain: 269m

Crown Jewel: Fremont Point

St Mary's March (80).jpg

Aureole Music
St Mary March

Walk Distance: 16.74km

Walk Gain: 185.3m

Crown Jewel: Mourier Valley

St Saviour Strideout (25).jpg

St Saviour Strideout

Walk Distance: 21.28m

Walk Gain: 218.6m

Crown Jewel: Grands Vaux Reservoir

St Clement Circular07.jpg

St Clement Circuit

Walk Distance: 11.67km

Walk Gain: 78m

Crown Jewel: Le Hocq

St Lawrence Loop (27).jpg

St Lawrence Loop

Walk Distance: 16.31km

Walk Gain: 139m

Crown Jewel: Le Moulin de Quétivel

St Ouen Orbital (20).jpg

ArtHouse Jersey

St Ouën Orbital

Walk Distance: 19.4km

Walk Gain: 222m

Crown Jewel: Les Landes de L'Est

Trinity Trail (87).jpg

You Matter
Trinity Trail

Walk Distance: 19.96km

Walk Gain: 340m

Crown Jewel: Les Ruaux &
                        La Tête des Hougues

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St Ouen Orbital (107).jpg

Visit the beautiful reservoirs of Val De La Mar, Queen's Valley and Millbrook and many hidden gems along your way.

See the power of water in action, take a stroll along babbling brooks, travel past ponds and the water mills of Tesson and Le Moulin de Quétivel .


Watch the crashing of the waves along the sea shores of the coastal routes, it is guaranteed that a different view appears every time.

Woods and fields

St Peter Peripheral (45).jpg

Lose yourself in thick woodlands and gaze over vast fields of farmland and areas of outstanding natural beauty.  


Explore the magnificent arboretum at Val de La Mare, wonder through the hazy woodlands of Grève de Lecq and St Peter's Valley. Stride out across the farmlands of St Lawrence ... and treat yourself to a trip through the orchid fields and RAMSAR wetlands of St Ouen's bay. 


... You may even want to take advantage of the honesty boxes spread across the island, lots of unique and often yummy local products to enjoy!!

Cliffs and bays

St John Journey (110).jpg

Challenge yourself on the steep tracks and stare in wonder at the magnificent views across to France, Guernsey and beyond.


Whether it is the rugged routes of Gifford Bay or the flatter plateaus of Les Landes de L'Est; all offer unique experiences and offer a variety of pathways that lead to your goal. 

With all the amazing cliff routes it's easy to forget the equally stunning beaches and bays, to credit them all is difficult as you will all find your favourites. From the wide expanses of Grouville and St Ouen to the seclusion of Petit Port and Fliquet ... Don't forget the ice cream!!!

Pathway through time

St Clement Circular (51).jpg

For such a small island we are enriched with a large variety of history. On a single walk you can take a trip through several millennia. From the Neolithic sites of Le Dolmen du Mont Ubé and Le Dolmen du Couperon to the grand farm houses of St Lawrence.


Admire majestic castles such as Mont Orgueil and Elizabeth Castle to smaller forts including La Crête and Fort William and observe how we have defended our island over the years. 

Witness firsthand the impact of the German occupation whilst exploring imposing structures spread across the parishes, including the huge bunker complexes at Les Landes and Noirmont.